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my name is n1l. im belarusian but currently live in united states. my passions revolve around technology, linux, software freedom and privacy. i play a lot of video games, my favorites are valve games, hotline miami, fallout, and megaten. my real life hobbies are playing piano and fishing (i can also kinda play guitar but i suck at it). i like listening to midwest emo / math rock. also i love lain.

software i use

i try to avoid using nonfree software
arch linux - vanilla arch is the superior os for desktop
dwm - minimalist tiling window manager made by suckless my build
element - foss communication software based on the matrix protocol
librewolf - a privacy focused web browser fork of firefox
mpv - very simple and based media player
searx - privacy-respecting metasearch engine
vim - text editor for autists

favorite songs

childhood - park jefferson
призраки зимы - bird bone
never meant - american football
нас не победить - прокат кассет
in the distant travels - sadness
kiss in october - sadness
сердце - даша онзероад
conversations - colours
i'll take you everywhere - penfold
monuments (og) - park jefferson
couches - park jefferson
rolling down the street, in my katamari - fearofdark

favorite websites

lainchan webring

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